The safety requirements in the oil and gas industry are increasing together with the environmental protection measures. The protection of man and the environment is necessary. A further safeguard is needed to protect the system against overpressure and its consequences during transport of gas and oil. To ensure this requirement, an additional technical measure is required. Increasingly, instrumented systems are being used to protect the system, since these have a faster retrieval time than mechanical safety valves. HIPPS will fulfill exactly these requirements.

A High Integrity Pressure Protection System (HIPPS) is a safety system intended to prevent overpressure within a plant, such as a gas plant or a gas carrier. The system will shut off the high-pressure source before the receiver’s design pressure is exceeded, preventing loss of containment due to rupture. HIPPS installations are often installed to prevent danger equipment, environment and personnel.

PIA Logic solver allows to indicate each individual pressure on each transmitter, whereby you can control the pipe pressure. The status of the HIPPS Valves can be shown through the limit switch boxes (positioner), which are installed on top of the actuators.


PIA established more than 30 years ago as a supplier of instruments to a wide diversity of valves, automation and control equipment for the gas and petrochemical industry. With this experience, we will make sure to create the best protection for your gas system.

In this case the PIA HIPPS System is an independent and reliable system, which allows to operate on a higher Safety integrity level (SIL3). PIA HIPPS System consist of: Pneumatic HIPPS actuated valve (SIL 3 Certified) which are installed in a line, with pressure transmitter to indicate overpressure in the pipeline Logic solver SIL 3 with integrated shut down system and Interlocking Cabinet. All components of our HIPPS is designed with redundant safety function to reduce the risk of failure.

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